12cylinders Web Updates for April, 2016:


To Owners: Many thanks go to you for educating us, setting us straight when needed, and showing us glimpses of the passionate enjoyment we'd expect of ourselves if we had the chance to drive automobiles such as these.

To Publishers: Use of 12cylinders images by non-profit organizations, independent blogs, and individuals posting on social network sites is free. This project is mainly a hobby and I, the author, receive no compensation for work related to 12cylinders. Accordingly, 12cylinders is free of advertisements.

Use of 12cylinders images by for-profit institutions is subject to a one-time use fee; this might seem to contradict the previous statement, but it protects those who do rely on the creative arts for their subsistence. In other words, a publisher taking in advertising revenue, subscription revenue, sales revenue, or any other kind of revenue should expect to pay a nominal fee for making a direct request to an artist for the use of copyrighted content. Serving a direct request takes time and actually constitutes real work, so the artist fielding the request must be paid a nickel for lifting a finger to help you make a buck.

To Enthusiasts: To quote a friend's website, You like cars? We like cars! That about sums up my sentiments for the following: Download of essays and images is authorized for private use only. You may re-post images on personal blogs and enthusiast websites dedicated to providing information about classic cars. Just, it would be cool of you to keep the 12cylinders logo on the image, and even cooler if you provide a link to this website. Occasionally I see something of mine with someone else's watermark, and so to be perfectly clear about it, I find this uncool. But for the mostpart, in the whole wide world of the internets, people are respectful. Kind'a makes you feel good about humanity.

To Environmentalists: As a sustainability entrepreneur myself, I don't like thinking about the millions of cars running across this great planet of ours. But more to the point, I see our use of automobiles not merely as an errant consumption of natural resources and vagrant global contaminant, but also as a great waste of inspiration and human creativity.

If anything, the pages on 12cylinders show us exactly how much we've lost with respect to mechanical beauty. In exchange, we have cup holders, blue tooth connectivity, and sat-nav. Yay. Go wave a flag. Those of us who are pushing for better, cleaner living are finding that icons of the previous generation really aren't what we need going forward. We want to simplify and de-contaminate our lives. Really, this should be the starting point, and the health of the planet would then just be a natural extension of our own personal imperative to shape up. That said, I have mixed feelings about vehicles that aren't helping us reach our most important social goals.

My secret then, for sending the great automobile into exile once and for all, is that as much as I love cars, I love trains just as much. But that's a different creative project, and a discussion for another time.

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