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The general idea here is something like, Man with camera surveys nice looking cars..


If you the articles, you'll see I have a different take on things. I like to point out where certain cars have been overlooked. I like to remind people how the historical record contradicts popular opinion. And I enjoy noting when prevailing sentiments are foolish, and lacking reason. So yes, sometimes I'll talk about how great a car is, but only when it is warranted. There is no regurgitation of dribble on 12cylinders.


The photographs in this collection were taken onsite at various shows and racing events. I use a variety of techniques—there is no one, standard process—and have been refining a graphic arts aesthetic for many years. As of 2016, I am bringing more color and light to the process, trying to define an artistic tone that makes the finished product worthwhile.

For the Enthusiast:

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UltimateCarPage, of all the mega-sites, is in my opinion the best resource on the internet for the automotive enthusiast. Not only are the photographs reliably good, but all of their information is written and edited in-house.

Petrolicious is a site you may not have heard of, but if you have a ken for substance you need to look into. It's a beautifully done online magazine, comprised of solid photographs and writing, but more than that, it has a uniform feeling of togetherness that most efforts never achieve.

• Michael Furman's Coachbuilt Press showcases his stellar photography in the best possible form—that is, in high quality photo essays complimented by substantial text from noted automotive historians. His latter titles in particular bring new relevance to the coffee table world by providing smarts to go along with the vivid eye candy.

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