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Pierce-Arrow Model 48-SS Demi-Tonneau, 1910

  • The only known 1910 48-SS Demi-Tonneau to survive, RM Sotheby's describes chassis #7540 as a four-passenger roadster thanks to its narrowed, close-coupled seating compartment. And let the omission of a windscreen help us notice the car's sportier aspect. With 48 brake horsepower at the rear wheels, a four-speed manual transmission, and a little less wind resistance than standard, this car would be rapid any day of the week—100 years ago or today.
  • Chassis #7540 is mostly original, with only the front fenders having been refabricated. The car was originally sold to a New Jersey owner, Stewart Cook, who kept the car until his death in 1966. Subsequently, chassis 7540 lived in the care of east coast and California-based enthusiasts. The condition of the paint is very good, even glowing, while the interior is admirably worn in the spirit of the best long-distance Pierce-Arrow tourers.
  • RM also notes that this car was erroneously identified as a 1909 model in the marque book, "Pierce-Arrow: The Golden Age."


Last Updated: Apr 8, 2018