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Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Corto Touring Spyder, #412018, Unrestored, 1938

  • Desirable automobiles of great historical merit are seldom spared a cost-no-option restoration. This Alfa Romeo—for all intents and purposes the apogee of pre-War grand touring sports cars—has done just that. Chassis #412018 was last painted in 1950, and still wears the scrapes and scars from many a hard drive.
  • With a supercharged racing motor, all-independent suspension, and transaxle gearbox, the 8C 2900B provides the blueprint for a modern sports car, albeit clothed in classic lines that are both alluring and endearing.
  • Delivered to a customer in Switzerland, little is known about #412018's history before the War.
  • From the post-War era, this 8C Alfa surfaced in California, where it was purchased by the young business magnate, Tommy Lee. Known for his stable of European racing machinery, Lee's enthusiasm turned his new acquisition into something of a local hot rod. At one point, Lee swapped in the motor from his Alfa Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix car, and in the early 1950s this example competed at the very first road race held at Watkins Glen in New York, driven by Lee's mechanic, Mal Ord.
  • In addition to chassis #412018, Tommy Lee also owned #412030, the works racing spyder that placed second at the 1938 Mille Miglia. That particular car passed from Lee to Formula 1 World Champion Phil Hill, who raced it locally in California, and it now lives in the well-known collection of Ralph Lauren.
  • The correct 8C motor having been replaced, never straying far from its home chassis, this car presents in remarkably original condition. Today, #412018 is one of the few classic automobiles to win Best of Show at a major concours without having been restored, doing so at the 2013 Elegance at Hershey.

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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2017