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Alfa Romeo 6C Monoposto by Conrado Volpi, 1938

  • Conrado Volpi built racing specials in Argentina, basing his creations on the running gear of both American and European machinery, matched to a simple monoposto design. This Alfa Romeo special was created for Juan Manuel Fangio; with it, Fangio competed in the Argentinian equivalent of the national championship. In his native country, Fangio perfected his craft, racing nearly anything that was fast and four-wheeled. By 1951, he would win the first of five Formula 1 World Championship titles. Thus, we look back on early racing cars like this 6C special as representative of the grass-roots enterprise that built one of the world's best racing drivers.
  • Fangio gifted this 6C Volpi monoposto to friend and fellow racing driver, Alberto Crespo. In 1950, Crespo won an Argentine National Championship in the Fuerza Limitada class.
  • For a long while after the curtain closed on the golden age of motor racing, the 6C was kept by the Museo Juan Manuel Fangio in Balcarce. However, the current owner has revitalized the car for racing, and today this Volpi monoposto is just as likely to be seen in motion on the track as it to be seen at rest on a concours lawn.
  • The internals are derived from the 2.5 litre Tipo 256 platform, a larger, triple-carbureted version of the earlier 6C 2300 whose development began in 1934.


Last Updated: Aug 19, 2017